Electrical Equipment & Automation Products

Motion Sensors

2D/3D Vision Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Encoders, Analog Photoelectric sensors, Capacitive sensors, Hall Effect Sensors, Read etc.

Temperature Controllers / Sensors

Temperature Controllers, Cold Room Controllers, PT100, PT1000, NTC, PTC, Type K, J, R, S, B, E, T, N, C etc.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Remote Input Output (Remote IO), Human Machine Interface (HMI) etc.

Inverter – Softstarter

Voltage Frequency Drive, Softstarter etc.

Pulse Generators – Encoders

Motion Control, Motors

Servomotors, Motors (brushless, brushed etc), Planetary gearhead etc.

Industrial Networking

Ethernet Switch, Fiber Optic Cable, Ethernet Patch Cord, Tools, Industrial WLAN (Wifi), Equipment Profinet, Ethernet IP, Canopen, Ethercat, BacNet etc.

Machine Safety

Security Terminals, Safety PLC, Safety Controller, etc.

Power Supplies

Uninterrupted Applications DC (DC UPS) etc.

Proccess Automation Sensors

Sensors (Conductive and Non-conductive media) Flow, Pressure, Level etc.


Special Cables, Power Cables, NYY, FG7R, FG16R, Application Cables Μ12, Μ8, etc.

Industrial Connection System – Cable Glands

Industrial Plugs, multipole connectors, Cable Glands

Medium Voltage Equipment

Switchboards, Transformers, Capacitors etc.

Electrical Testers

Multimeter, Clamp meters

Electrical Equipment

MCB, MCCB, Contactors (relay), Motor Circuit Breaker, Timers, Fuses, fuse holders etc.

Beacons – Sirens – Beacon Sirens

Industrial Lighting

Power Quality Measurement

Energy, Amper, Voltage, Power Monitoring Units Medium and Low Voltage, Current Transforms, Residual Current Monitoring etc.

Switchboards and Switchboard Equipment

Steel Switchboards, Stainless Steel, Outdoor Switchboards, Floor Standing, wall standing, equipment etc.

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