Electrical Switchboards & M.V. Substations

Reliable solutions according to the international standards.

We undertake the manufacturing of electrical switchboards and panels for each application in each Segregation 1-4. Our company cooperates with the largest manufacturers of electrical products.

  1. Electrical Panels L.V. Motor Control Center / Power Control Center:

Large installations, segregation 1-4 and fixed or draw-out MCCB and ACB

  1. Electrical Panels L.V. Distribution:

Medium-scale electrical installations segregation 1-4

  1. Electrical Panels for Industrial Automation Applications

Automatic control systems with PLC, Inverter (VFD), Servo Drive, HMI and automation equipment

  1. Prefabricated Medium Voltage Substations

Up to 2000kVA compact, non-walk-in, walk-in. Supplied ready for operation with all equipment Medium Voltage Switchboard, Transformer, Low Voltage Panel

  1. Medium Voltage Substations

Made in the customer’s premises according to the needs and requirements of the application. Our company’s team undertake the complete design, construction and maintenance of M.V. substations


  • Electrical Switchboards

  • M.D. Voltage Substations

  • OEM Electrical Switchboards

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