Electrical Switchboards & M.V. Substations

Our team of skilled professionals designs, manufactures and installs electrical switchboards and M.V. substations according to the specifications of each application. Our goal and commitment is the final product is in conformity with the international regulations for electrical panels with our primary objective the safety of both the facility and your staff.

Each switchboard bearing our name is tested and verified in accordance with IEC 61439-1 at our company’s laboratory and certified for these tests on forms supplied to you with multiline circuit diagram

  • Electrical switchboards up to 6300A:

Main Electrical Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, Power Factor Correction, PV applications switchboards, Switchboards for Special Applications

  • Medium Voltage Substation:

For every application

  • Control Panels:

Electrical Control Panels with PLC, Drives etc.

  • OEM electrical switchboard:

Switchboards for machinery manufacturers in a variety of applications such as Food and Beverage, Wood Working, Packaging


  • Electrical Switchboards

  • M.D. Voltage Substations

  • OEM Electrical Switchboards

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