Electrical Switchboards & M.V. Substations

All products of our company comply with the regulation IEC 61439 and the regulation IEC 62271. Each of our product is tested and checked in the laboratory of the company by the quality assurance department, according to the routine test as defined in the regulations and using instruments of Fluke, HT, Megger.

In our factory we manufacture:

  1. Electrical Panels H.T. Motor Control Center / Power Control Center:

Large installations with partitioning (Form) and fixed or sliding switches.

  1. Electrical Panels H.T. Distribution:

Medium-scale electrical installations with internal partitioning (Form 1 as.

  1. Electrical Automation Panels:

Automatic control systems with PLC, Inverter (VFD), Servo Drive, Monitors (HMI) and automation equipment.

  1. Prefabricated Medium Voltage Substations:

Up to 5000kVA compact, non-walk-in, walk-in. Delivered ready for operation with all equipment.



  • Electrical Switchboards

  • M.D. Voltage Substations

  • OEM Electrical Switchboards