Machinery of a factory are the key point of production, for this reason purchasing of a new machine can cost a large share of your investment budget. Instead of buying a new machine we can find used machinery on your behalf and refurbish them by bringing them to their original state and equipping them with the latest technologies. Working with mechanical workshops in Greece and Italy, we follow the following procedure:

  •  Mechanical Refurbish:
    •  Sandblasting the machine frame
    • Replace all consumable parts of the machine
    •  Repairing defective parts of the machine
    •  Installing new or complementary components
  • Electrical Refurbish – Automation:
    • Checking and replacing cables
    • Checking and replacing motors
    • Replacing sensors with brand new following latest technologies
    •  Installing, wiring and testing of the new automation system

With the high standards we have in Controls, we are confident that we can provide solutions to your production problems.

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