Supply of three-phase cast resina transformer 800KVA made by TMC Transformers. Medium Voltage fuse switch disconnector made by OEMB Elettromeccanica S.p.A.. Design and construction of main electrical switchboard of the plant consisting of one enclosure for automation, one enclosure for sources transduction between Grid and Genset generator with two circuit breakers Abb T7 (with motor mechanism), Power Circuit Breaker enclosure for protection of the refrigerators and the other machines, reactive power compensation enclosure.

Photovoltaic Plant
Design and construction of an outdoor self standing medium voltage substation for a 250KW photovoltaic plant on the roof of the factory. M.V. transformer low losses 20/0.315kV, 315KVA made by Newton Trasformatori, M.V. enclosure made by Schneider Electric, and a low voltage enclosure.