Loux S.A.


M.V. Substation
Installation of a Schneider Electric 800KVA low losses oil M.V. transformer. Schneider Electric M.V. Switchboard with M.V. Circuit Breaker. Manufacture of the main electrical L.V. switchboard in a stainless steel cabinet. Electrical installations within the substation.

Electrical installations

Installation of cable tray for routing cables to the main electrical switchboard and the peripheral machineries Reprogramming and Production Line Optimization Function analysis and optimization by increasing the production capacity of CIP Cleaning Station, Pasteurs, Sugar Dissolvers, Premix. Reprogramming PLCs (Siemens, series S7 – 1200, S7 – 1500) of the above machines and corresponding HMIs. Startup machines and support them remotely via Teleservice. SCADA system design for machine control and data recording according to EFET (Hellenic Food Authority) requirements.

Egio Plant
Design of an autonomous concrete substation for two parallel ABB 630KVA M.V. oil transformers. Manufacture of substation’s electrical switchboard. Electrical installations within the substation. Installation of medium voltage electrical switchboard designed and assembled by Sel Electric for the protection of the transformers. Connecting the new M.D. lines with the existing, using connectors of 3M. Installation of 16 medium voltage terminal boxes. Manufacture of main electrical switchboard consisting of six panels also Manufacture of the electrical switchboard for protection of the machinery.

Electrical installations

Installation of electrical tray routing to the main electrical switchboard and the machinery switchboard.