Robotic, Handling and Conveying Applications

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a fact, factories and industries will be called upon to evolve in order to continue operate.

Our technical department is capable of developing proposals for the proper management of products and optimizing the way they are managed within the industry. We have solutions for transferring, individual products and pallet management until its final storage on the shelves of the warehouse.

By combining the above with the development of Robotic Applications we can provide solutions for managing Industry Resources.

Applications for Product and Pallet Transferring Management:

  • Roller Conveyors, Chain Coneyors, Turn Tables, Pallet Elevator, Change of Direction, Pallet Wagon, etc.)
  • Palletization and Depalletization
  • Wrapping Machines
  • Stacking and Unstacking of products
  • Buffering Systems
  • Product Bridges

Robotic Applications:

  • Pick n Place
  • Palletization and Depalletization
  • Sorting
  • Cutting and Welding
  • Collaborative Robots with People – Cobot

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